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Why IHC?

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You can have a comfortable and guaranteed treatment process by choosing Istanbul Hair Center.

Istanbul Hair Center is one of the first Hair Transplant Companies in Turkey. It has been serving since 2000. In accordance with our founding philosophy, we have provided the latest and the best technologies to our valuable patients.

We have accomplished 21.000+ hair transplant operations and had thousands of happy patients by favour of our experts and professional staff, over 20 years. Istanbul Hair Center has Best Hair Transplant Center in Turkey title, which is given by its patients, thanks to its successful works and outcomes.

Increasing professionalism over the years, integration to technological developments easily and perfectionist approach have carried Istanbul Hair Center’s fame to different places of world. Our long history, numerous references and experience have made us a world-famous brand in hair transplant.

While you are searching for the best hair transplant centers, Istanbul Hair Center offers more than your expectations. We provide you the best and most developed solutions with modern technology in hair, eyebrow, moustache and beard transplantations. If you want to get positive results at a fully-fledged hospital, under expert doctor supervision; you should choose our center.

You can also check our VIP Hair Transplant Services packages that include private transportation, hotel, trip etc.

Our hair transplant consultancy center is located in the heart of Turkey where is Istanbul, Mecidiyekoy. You can easily reach our center by public transportation and visit us as our guest. Don’t forget to benefit from our free hair analysis services and get information about latest technology hair transplant treatment methods.

If you have questions, we are here to help you!

Quick Contact: Tel:+90 (212) 343 13 10 Mobile-WhatsApp: +90 (538) 485 63 18

Istanbul Hair Center, Professional Hair Transplant Company Istanbul, Turkey

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