Every person who needs hair transplantation is informed by the institutions before the operation, sometimes they give the number of grafts and sometimes the number of roots as the number of hair to be transplanted and there is an incredible gap between the two. This situation is actually due to the marketing strategy of the institution. People naturally gravitate towards the institution where they hear a high number. However, this situation leads to malicious misdirection by some institutions.

Firstly, let’s briefly talk about the structure of the hair. In general, it consists of two main parts: hair body and hair follicle. The most important part inside the hair follicle is the hair root. The hair strand grows from here. There are also blood vessels, sebaceous gland and hair muscle attached to the hair follicle. These ensure that the hair follicle and hair shaft are nourished and remain active. The hair shaft forms the hair part that we see from the outside and generally grows around 1cm per month. It sheds and grows again every 3 – 4 months. The structure of the hair shaft and hair density may vary according to ethnic origin and hair colour.

As seen above, 1 hair strand grows from each hair root or follicle. This is a situation that never changes.The word graft is actually a general scientific term used in the health sector. The purpose of using it in terminology is a piece of tissue taken from a certain part of the body in order to meet a piece of tissue that the body needs. According to this need, it can be in more than one area such as blood vessels, bone tissue, skin part. In hair transplantation, hair follicles are transferred.

Depending on the genetic structure of each man and woman, some hair follicles are located very close to each other. It may even look almost like a whole. In such cases, hair strands can grow from the same point as if they were a whole. Micro communities with 1, 2, 3, 4, 4 or even five hair strands with such an appearance can be formed. Regardless of the hair transplantation method, whether DHI or micro FUE, micro tips are used when removing hair follicles. These special tips take the group in one move, regardless of whether the hair follicles are 1, 2, 3, 4 or even five. This structure with multiple hair follicles (hair roots) is generally defined as a graft. Therefore, 1 graft may contain more than one hair follicle and it shows more than one hair strand output according to the number of multiple follicles in the area where it is transferred. If we give an average example of these two situations, the amount of hair that will grow with 5000 graft transplantation corresponds to approximately 9000 – 12000 hair strands (hair follicles), although it varies according to the number of multiple roots. People who plan to have a hair transplant operation should understand this difference well while getting information from the institutions and determining the institution they will choose.

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