Nowadays, most people who perform or consider hair transplantation are uncomfortable with post-operative images. They have to arrange a very special time period for themselves to do this procedure due to their social and business environment. Because they do not want people to see them in a treated wounded way. Therefore, some people cannot have the hair transplant operation they need just for this reason. In order to be a solution to such situations, unshaven hair transplantation comes to the fore.

Unshaven hair transplantation is basically a micro FUE procedure. The difference here is that hair transplantation is performed without cutting the hair completely. In order for the operation process to be less obvious, the existing hair must have a certain length. Because if the hair follicles are removed from the short hair strands, it is desired that the remaining hair strands cover that area. The same applies to the transplantation area. The original hair in the transplantation area should cover the transplanted area. Otherwise, the area where the hair is removed and transplanted is obvious. The longer the hair length, the more hair follicles can be taken from the nape of the neck without being obvious.

If the hair length in the donor area is sufficient, the hair is cut into long strips about 1cm thick between the hair. These 1cm thick strips are planned to be 3 – 4 strips by leaving a distance difference between them. The aim here is to increase the area that can be taken, to ensure that the area taken is not obvious, and therefore to eliminate the risk of regional ejaculation by making balanced intake as the area grows. If the correct and balanced intake is made from the donor area according to the desired number, people continue their current lives without the area taken from the 2nd day of the operation. Of course, the necessary care and hair washing techniques should continue to be applied. The same applies to the transplanted area, if the correct and balanced transplantation process has been performed and the existing hair has a certain length, they can continue their current lives without the transplantation process being obvious in this part from the 2nd day.

In this hair transplantation method, although both the healing process and the exit process are generally similar to other methods, it progresses a little faster than them.

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