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WhatsApp Hair Analysis Services
WhatsApp Hair Analysis Services

Free WhatsApp Hair Analysis With Istanbul Hair Center Difference

Hair Transplant Centers are known as applying only hair transplant by most people. Because of these fallacies, centers are introduced as places for people who have baldness and hair loss.

In fact, hair transplant companies primary mission is protecting the original hair. To protect the original hair, early detection and correct treatment are vital. If you are having hair loss, reason behind hair loss should be found or issues such as;  weakenings in scalp or hair, splitting hair should be avoided by early and appropriate interventions.

According to people’s problem, overcoming the problem by effective treatment strategies is important.

Don’t ignore when you realize these problems. You can either have online hair analysis or free hair analysis at our hair transplant consultancy center by visiting us.

How is WhatsApp Hair Analysis done?

It is possible for our patients, who are not able to visit our center, reaching our experts by WhatsApp.

Follow the steps below to benefit from our completely free service.

WhatsApp Hair Inspection

Firstly the patients should inform our expert, if they have;

  • Genetic hair disorders
  • Blood value problems (especially  women)
  • Any other diseases
  • Any medicines which are being used continually

Pictures For Our WhatsApp Hair Analysis

In order to inspect the area completely;

Pictures should be taken clearly from front, back, left and right. Thus the assessment is done according to your hair density, hair thickness, age and genetic conditions. Result is shared with patients. Don’t forget that rightest hair analysis is done at our center by our experts.

Finally, patients blood values, specific health conditions and hair thicknesses are added to the analysis result and the process is done. According to result, treatments like: hair transplant, PRP Treatment, Hair Mesotherapy are recommended by our experts.

For WhatsApp Contact

Istanbul Hair Center presents free WhatsApp hair analysis to its valuable patients. For more detailed information contact us.

We are Istanbul Hair Center, Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey.

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