Professional Hair Transplant
PRP Hair Treatment
PRP Hair Treatment

A revolutionary hair protection, care and recovery implementation. PRP Hair Treatment

A nautral technique that has been chosen the most from professional hair treatment applications.

What is PRP Hair Treatment?

Hair-loss is a very serious and common problem in these days. Especially reasons like; genetic factors, hormonal causes, various illnesses and their treatment medicines, unhealthy eating habits, stres, smoking accelerate the process.

Retrieving your old hair back is only possible with hair transplantation but if you think your hair got weaker and falling out or lost its volume there is a solution for you.

PRP Hair Treatment is a revolutionary invention. It is a refreshing miracle for your thinned out hair and your follicles. Your hair follicles are going to refresh with this method by your own blood and healthy cells.

We create a mixture by using liquids that are taken from your body. This solution is injected to the problematical area. Cells start to refresh, therefore regeneration process gets completed. Thus fields, which have lifelesness and dilution, retrieve their old appearance.

Does PRP Treatment cause hair growth?

In addition to massive hair-loss, PRP Hair Treatment is being used for your hair that is on the verge of falling out. It is a renewing implementation that is being used to protect and strenghten your hair.

How is PRP Treatment done?

Approximately 8 cc blood is taken from patient and transferred to the classic PRP tube, then erythrocytes and thrombocytes are getting separated. After that, separated thrombocytes are transferred to the growth factor tube. In growth factor tube growth factors are added to mixture and it gets centrifuged, therefore plasma becomes ready. Mixture is directly injected to the patient. This process takes around 30 minutes. Patient doesn’t feel any pain and it doesn’t leave any traces. You can do your routine works without any restrictions.

PRP Hair Treatment Center in Turkey  

İstanbul Hair Center has accomplished several operations in PRP Treatment by its experienced staff. The right angle, depth and amount are so significant for PRP treatment.

İstanbul Hair Center is in İstanbul, Turkey. If you want to benefit from our free PRP consultancy and priviliges of IHC contact us.

For more detailed information you can get help from our experts.

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