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VIP Services
VIP Services

Discover the Istanbul Hair Center VIP Service’s key differences.

VIP Services involve first class greeting, accommodation, accompaniment and seeing off for our guests who chose us for the hair transplantation operations. We are doing the best we can to make you feel comfortable within this period by professionally presenting our packages. A peaceful and comfortable operation process is ready for you with the outstanding difference and safety of Istanbul Hair Center and VIP Service packages, which are being applied according to requests of our all guests.

VIP Services

  • Airport Greeting: A VIP greeting service by our consultant who can speak our patient’s language.
  • Transfer: A VIP transfer service by a luxurious vehicle to 5-star hotel.
  • Hotel Service: A single room at 5-star hotel for our patient and if there is a companion, at the same hotel a double room for them and open buffet breakfast.
  • For all of our patients within the period of operation picking up them from the hotel, taking them to clinic and bringing them back to the hotel by their special consultant.
  • In the operation process an uninterrupted information flow in our patient’s native tongue is provided by the special consultant.
  • After the operation a VIP airport transfer for our patient.
  • Finally after the operation a one-year process for checking the recent developments and routine controls from internet.

Operation Process

Our patients are welcomed by our special consultants than they are transferred to the 5-star hotel by our luxurious vehicle. If our patients have a company, we arrange them a double room. As they are staying at the hotel an open buffet is available for our patients. Our patients are picked up from the hotel and taken to the clinic by their special consultant for the operation. In the clinic our patients are welcomed by our expert doctors and consultants. After the tests and preparations our patients’ operation starts by our doctors in an extreme sterile and safe environment.

Following the completion of operation our patients are transferred to the hotel and left to rest. Next morning after the breakfast our patients are taken back to clinic for their first bandage removal. Then our experts inform our patients about the medicines that will be taken. Thereafter transferred back to the hotel again and left to rest.

Second day our patients are taken back to the clinic again for their first washing. Their warranty about the operation is presented. According to our patients’ flight time they are transferred back to the airport safe and sound. After 15 days from the operation our consultants request their patients’ first photo and following that each month they request another photo from them to see the progression. These photos are stored in our database for our patients.

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