Professional Hair Transplant
Medical Staff
Medical Staff

Experts and medical staff who have been preferred for the hair transplantation operations.

Dr.Yeşim Tan: She was born in 1969 and completed her medical school at the mediterranean university in 1992. She worked as a Medical Doctor in various Hospitals, Health Centers and Emergency services. 

In 1999, she started to interest in cosmetology. She participated in congresses and workshops on practical training in solving skin, hair problems, cosmetic and medical aesthetics. In 2004, She got the medical aesthetic physician certificate from Ministry of Health approved.

She has been working with the Ministry of Health as a clinician and responsible manager for 20 years. Our doctor who follows the technology and changing application disciplines continues to share her knowledge and experiences.

She is specialized in hair transplantation, medical aesthetics, antiaging, weight control, skin renewal tretaments. She determines and applies personalized treatment methods.

Dr. Erman Yılmaz: This part is being prepared.

Hüseyin Kaya: He began his higher education at Hatay Mustafa Kemal University. After that he started working on cardiovasculer systems at Antalya Anadolu Hospital. Then he completed his second higher education at Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University. He has been working at Istanbul Hair Center for 9 years on hair transplantation coordination.

Istanbul Hair Center, has been carrying out successful implementations on hair transplantation by its experts and medical staff. For more information contact us.

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