Professional Hair Transplant

Who chose us and believed our service quality, patients Google comments.

Mehmet G.

I came from germany a week agofor hair transplantation. Service and quality is exceptionally good. Especially I thank to my cosultant Mrs. Birnur, she’s a very sempathic and cheerful person. She is really professional and concerned. She helped me for every single thing. Operation was also good I thank to Mrs. Gözde and to whole staff. I recommend Istanbul Hair Center to everyone with all my heart.

Menaf S.

First of all hi everyone. I am going to inform you while I will be living the process. You don’t need to worry. It has been approximately 3 months since the transplantation. It has been so many changes already now. I was also feeling like how will it be, can we trust? I tried my chance and it happened as I hoped. I am suggesting to everyone, you won’t regret. If anyone wants I can send my picture.

Sadık G.

I am Sadık from İstanbul. I decided for hair transplantation but it’s not east to trust. A friend recommended İstanbul Hair Center then I submitted. They treated so sincerely and I thought this place is reliable. Thanks to Mr. Hüseyin, Mr.Barış and Mrs.Ruken for their interest. The staff made me happy with a qualified service and transplantation. You can have a transplantation here without any hesitation. You will see the difference in no time. 5 stars is even not enough to describe that service.

Hüseyin K.

I came and had a hair transplantation. I hadn’t known that it was that much beautiful. If I had known I would have come earlier. I really appreciated, IHC is such a nice place. Thanks to everybody who contributed.

Emrah A.

I had a transplantation too. I am really pleased with the result. It became so natural and beautiful. I recommend to everyone.

Sinan A.

Hello, I started having hair-loss on my front field. I messaged to Istanbul Hair Center as I was surfing on internet. Mrs. Birnur gave me feedback and she said PRP treatment is enough for me. Therefore I saved my money and got a professional service. Thanks to everyone.

Aldin H.

They did everything after the first contact. Super friendly and professional service. 7/24 support from consultant makes you feel safe. Operation passed very well and I realized that the staff is really experienced. They know what they’re doing. I can suggest the clinic easily.

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