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Obesity Disease and Hair Transplantation

The Effect of Obesity Disease on Hair and Hair Roots, Hair Transplantation Treatment for Obese


Can obesity patients have hair transplantation? Are there any risks? Our experts answer many questions such as:

Obesityleads to very serious health problems.

The biggest reason for this is that some of the obesity disorders reduce the quality of life of the person, while others can lead to life-threatening situations (paralysis, death).

About Your Existing Hair or Your New Hair Transplantation

Let’s talk briefly about the factors affecting the hair growth process if the person has had hair transplantation;

High cholesterol not only triggers serious health problems, but also has a negative effect on one’s hair indirectly. As it is known, as a result of accumulation on the inner surface of arteries, veins and capillaries, vascular narrowing and even occlusion problems occur. Our hair also receives the nutrients it needs through blood vessels.

Therefore, deformation in the vein structure may cause weakening and loss of hair. Of course, since the newly transplanted hair is nourished in the same way, it can cause the transplanted hair to come out weak and incomplete.

Diabetes [Diabetes] also causes very serious health problems. One of these problems is the deformations it causes on the skin. If the person wants to have healthy hair and wants to protect their existing hair, one of the first priorities here is a healthy scalp.

Damages caused by lubrication problems on the scalp, infections, blows and accidents affect both the existing hair of the person and the transplanted hair.

Obesity and Hair Transplantation Operations

Obesity causes psychological disorders as well as physical ailments. A person may experience various ailments such as stress, depression and anxiety due to his current appearance. Stress is one of the biggest problems that affect hair negatively today. Stress causes serious hair loss.

Most people with obesity problems can unconsciously apply diet methods to lose weight fast. By following various health procedures by experts in the field of weight gain or weight loss, Obesity Treatment Center< It should be done by /a>.

If the person loses weight quickly without the help of professionals, it causes serious metabolic problems. They cause serious hair loss by triggering electrolyte imbalance, anemia, organ failure, stress and thyroid disorders.

Hüseyin KAYA, Hair Transplantation Specialist

Istanbul Hair Center treats patients with obesity. Professional Hair Transplant Programs are implemented. A Healthy and Successful Hair Transplantation Awaits You With Our Solution Partner Biomy Health Obesity Center Doctors.

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