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Insomnia and Hair Loss Disorders

Hair loss problems due to insomnia

Insomnia and Hair Loss 

Nowadays, most of us are suffering from insomnia. We are having the problem because of business, health problems or some personal things. However, our daily routine has changed deeply due to coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Therefore, our working hours have changed or we are stuck at home. Most of us are having an insufficient and poor quality of sleep because of that.

 Insufficient and poor quality of sleep causes some negative effects on our body. It is known that; these negative effects increase the hair loss directly or indirectly.

Factors Causing Hair Transplant

It is known by experiments that, insufficient sleep causes; stress, distractibility, decrease in human interactions, tension, increase in negative thoughts, digestion problems, diabetes, liver disorders, skin disorders, cardiovascular diseases, immune system weakening, genetic deteriorations.

Stress is one of the major reasons of hair loss. In some cases, it shows its affect as alopecia. It should be cured by right medicines at the right time. However, sometimes stress causes permanent hair losses.

Healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. Diabetes or other skin problems might cause hair weakening or complete fall outs.

Cardiovascular diseases cause bigger problems and people should be very careful about them. Blood circulation slows down and hair follicles can’t get fed sufficiently. Therefore, hair weakening and fall outs occur.

At least 6-8 hours of sleep would be enough to avoid these problems. Besides that, night and day sleep is not the same because melatonin (sleep hormone) is released at night. This hormone strengthens our immune system while renewing the cells. Therefore, we should pay attention to night sleep.

Hüseyin Kaya, Hair Transplant Expert

Istanbul Hair Center, Professional Hair Transplant and Hair Treatments Center Istanbul, Turkey.

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