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How Is Sterile Hair Transplant Operation Done?

Sterile Hair Transplant Operation During Covid-19 Pandemic

Hair Transplant and Sterilization

Hair transplant operations are considered as small aesthetic operations because it is a surgical process. Therefore, sterilization is a crucial element of hair transplant operations. This condition is a very important criteria for increasing the success rate of operation and protecting the health.

If the hair transplant center and its employees don’t take the necessary precautions, they might encounter struggling situations such as lesions and infections that are irreversible. To avoid these problems, compulsory procedures must be followed.

Besides these, the extra protections and precautions must be taken for hair transplant operation due to the COVID-19 epidemic that has surrounded the world in 2020.

We can separate the sterilization process on hair transplant operations to 3.

  1. Preparation of operation room

There are 2 significant things in this process. The first one is cleaning the room’s whole surface with proper chemicals that don’t damage human health. The second one is keeping the room sterile after the cleaning. It is known that, thousands of microorganisms are carried by air. To avoid that, the room should be enlightened by ultraviolet (UV) lamps until the operation.

  1. Sterilization of the surgical materials

Every surgical material is manufactured from a raw material according to its production purpose. Sterilization method differs from material to material based on its raw material. Some materials are sterilized with ethylene oxide, some with a device which is called autoclave and some are sterilized at high temperatures with incubators.

  1. Personal protection

At this point, a couple of precautions should be taken to protect the both operation team and the person that is going to have an operation. Firstly; sterile surgical gloves (barrier gloves if the patient has a condition), protective glasses, protective mask, protective face shields should be worn and the person’s clothes should be changed and a disposable cloth should be worn.

All those precautions above are applied meticulously by Istanbul Hair Center for your health and to make you feel comfortable during the operation process. We recommend you to choose a hair transplant center that has these criteria especially during the pandemic for your own health.

Hüseyin KayaHair Transplant Expert

Do not postpone your hair transplant thought due to COVID-19 (Pandemic)! Do not decide before seeing our Istanbul clinic, which is sterile and has high hygiene standards, and getting more details from our experts! Contact us for more information.

Istanbul Hair Center, Hair Transplant Center performs its hair transplant operations successfully in Istanbul, at sterile and full-fledged clinics. We wish to see you among us!

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