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What should be done before and after the hair transplantation?
What should be done before and after the hair transplantation?

Things to take into consideration before and after the transplantation, Hair Transplantation Process and its importance



Hair Transplantation looks like a small surgical operation even so it should be done by professionals at full-fledged, sterile and hospitals or health foundations.

Our expert explained the process in two parts: Before and after the transplantation. For more information contact us.

Hair Transplant at Istanbul Hair Center

You should state your past illness conditions to our expert. After the illness did you have a permanent damage, have you ever had an operation, do you have a medicine that you use all the time, do you have an allergic reaction to a medicine, you should state these conditions to our expert if you have any of them.

If you have any doctor that is following your chronic conditions, you should receive his/her approval for hair transplantation.

Last 3 days before the operation

You might stop using your medicines due to the operation, consult your doctor for that. For example, if you have any blood thinner medicine for cardiovascular diseases you might need to take a break. An another example is if you are diabetic you shouldn’t stop taking your medicines.

You should stop drinking alcohol 2 days before the operation and for 7 days after the operation. You should reduce smoking as much as possible. They would harm the feeding system of hair due to the reduction of blood flow.

Operation Day
You should come to the operation on a full stomach. It is important for you to eat according to your operation time. We suggest you to wear comfortable outfits because the operation takes long time. If you wear a shirt or a wide neck t-shirt, it would be easier for you to wear them again after the operation.


Things to take into consideration after the transplantation

After hair transplantation the most important process begins. The sensitivity and care affect the growing time and efficiency of operation. In operation day after the transplantation our experts are going to bandage the wounds but the transplanted area stays open and you should avoid touching there. Especially while transferring you to the hotel you should be extremely careful. You should eat something even if you are not hungry it helps increasing your blood sugar and your body resistance. After eating take your postoperative medicines.

Sleeping position is one of the most significant things to be careful. Transplanted hair follicles might move or completely displace because follicles are barely holding the tissue at that moment. For this reason use the neck pillow we gave you and lie on your back. The second reason we want you to sleep like that is to avoid swellings on your eyes and forehead.

After Hair Transplantation Care

Medicines and massage; we give you four different medicines and you should use them regularly it is really important. If you don’t, there might be an infection risk or scar.

15-Days After the Hair Transplantation

After the 15th day use the vitamines regularly that are recommended to you. Also after the operation, massage the transplanted area regularly (our experts are going to show you) thus increase the blood flow rate and feeding of the field.

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