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What is the maximum number of grafts that can be done in hair transplant?

What is the maximum number of grafts that can be done in hair transplant sessions?


One of the most popular questions among the people, who want to have hair transplant, is “How many grafts or follicles are going to be transplanted?” and most of the answers on the internet do not reflect the truth. The most important reason for that is hair transplant foundations are trying to appeal people. Let’s check the factors that determine graft or follicle numbers that will be done in Hair Transplantation.

Tissue quality: Hair follicles are buried under our skins. Therefore, tissue should be healthy while extracting hair follicles and transplanting on needy area. Especially it needs to have enough flexibility. If the donor area is very hardened tissue does not let the follicles go and hair follicles may be damaged while extraction or because of the hardened tissue hair follicles may be deformed. Damaged hair follicles can not be used in hair transplant operation.  If the tissue is softer than normal, hair follicles may be cut and become unusable while extracting the hair follicle. Thus, both extracted and transplanted graft number can change according to conditions.

Blood circulation: In some cases, blood circulation on the transplant area gets weakened. Blood circulation is one of the most significant things in the hair transplant to keep the hair follicles alive. In all hair transplant methods (lateral slit, vertical slit, percutaneous, DHI hair transplant, sapphire slit tissue is getting cut slightly. If micro-cuts are done more than the tissue can take, blood circulation can be damaged. When the blood circulation breaks down, transplanted hair follicles can not stay alive and deformations occur. Therefore, it should be taken into consideration before hair transplant.

Hair follicle quality: Micro-cuts must be done in all hair transplant methods. It is an unchanging rule. Hair follicle quality determines the width and depth of the cuts. If the follicles are thick, a wider cut or if it is thin, a narrower cut should be done. Therefore; the bigger the cut gets, the lesser the number of cuts are done and the lesser hair follicles are transplanted. If the cut gets smaller, the number of cuts can be increased and more hair follicles can be transplanted. People, who had hair transplant, do not realize the difference between them because there is not going to be any traces and cuts are done according to hair thicknesses. If the staff is not professional situation can become the exact opposite.

The size of the donor and needy areas: The number of hair follicles is directly proportional to size of the transplant area. The bigger the area, the more hair follicles can be transplanted. Number of hair follicles can be extracted from the donor area is really important too. There might be some terrible traces on the nape if follicles are extracted unprofessionally and unbalanced. Therefore, hair follicles should be extracted balanced and decently.

Duration of the hair transplant operation: An average hair transplant operation takes about 5-8 hours. If the hair follicles are preserved under proper circumstances, they can stay alive for 12-14 hours. If the time limit gets exceeded, they will die.

As you can see there are more than one factor determining the number of hair follicles that are going to be transplanted. Professionalism of the staff is also significant. Up to 8000 grafts can be transplanted to patients who are able to provide the proper circumstances.

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Maximum number of grafts in hair transplant treatment

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