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What is the Difference Between Graft Number and Hair Follicles

Graft Numbers and Hair Follicles-Hair Transplant Surgery


Why importance of graft number  and hair follicles

Hair transplant companies give their patients numbers of grafts or hair follicles but there is always a big difference between these numbers. The main reason is companies marketing strategies. Naturally, people choose the higher number but sometimes these cases cause misguidance.

Firstly, let us talk about hair’s structure.

What is Hair follicle?

There are 2 main parts: hair follicle and hair body. Hair grows from the hair follicle part. Besides that, there are blood vessels, fatty tissues and hair muscles connected to hair follicle. They make hair follicle and body active and provide them nutritional elements. Hair body is the part that we see from the outside and it grows about 1cm per month. Every 3-4 months it falls out and grows again. The structure and frequency of hair changes according to genetic factors and hair color.

As you can see, one hair grows from one follicle. It never changes.

What is graft?

The word “graft” is a medical term. Graft is a tissue that taken from a certain part of body and used to satisfy a need of somewhere else on body. It can be blood vessels, bone tissues, parts of skin etc. It is hair follicles in hair transplant.

Some hair follicles are placed so closed to each other according to every man or woman’s genetic constitution. They might be seen as one. In these situations, hair may grow from a certain point. These hairs can create micro groups consisting 1-2-3-4-5 members. Micro needles are used while extracting the follicles without noticing the hair transplant methods; DHI Hair Transplant, FUE Transplant. Micro groups are also extracted in one move by these micro needles. These extracted multi hair follicles are known as graft too. Therefore, 1 graft may contain more than one hair follicle and more than one hair grows from the transplanted area.

If we give examples about these two cases: After 5000 grafts are transplanted there will grow 9000-12000 hair changing according to multi follicle number. People that will have hair transplant operation should know this difference before choosing a hair transplant center.

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The importance of graft number and hair follicles

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