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What Happens in 12 Months After Hair Transplant
What Happens in 12 Months After Hair Transplant

Treatment and Care Procedures After Hair Transplantation


Our experts explain all the details about before and after hair transplant process to our all guests who chose Istanbul Hair Center for hair transplant treatment, so you can benefit from our services better. Everything you wonder about pain conditions, special wash programmes and medicine supplies.

The process after hair transplant is as important and remarkable as hair transplant process. It shouldn’t be forgotten that hair transplant is a surgical operation and requires professionalism for the whole process. There might be some risky conditions unless it is done at sterile hospital environment by an expert staff.

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Detailedly informing about the process is done below by our experts.

Complemental Treatment and Check Programme After Hair Transplant

First Days After Operation

First Day; when you wake up you should have your breakfast properly and take all the given medicines. Then at our corporation bandages are removed and transplanted area is cleaned with sensitive touches. We recommend you to rest as much as possible on that day. If our experts deem necessary you should apply ice treatment on your forehead every two hours.

Second Day; take your medicines according to their daily doses. At our corporation we are going to apply special wash. We are going to teach you this speacial wash. The more proper we do this the better the result gets.You should do the wash with given lotion and shampoo, in accordance with the instuctions below.

Wash Instructions (First 15 Days)

  • In first 7 days, rinse and shampoo should be done from back to front with sensitive touches.
  • Use the spray lotion on donor and transplanted areas. After 20-25 minutes rinse the area and don’t leave any lotion.
  • While using the shampoo make it foam in your palm. Then use it on transplanted area and forehead with sensitive touches. Do this 2 times.
  • From the 7th,8th days start massaging with circular motions by your finger tips until the 15th day.
  • You can use the lotion for 15 days but you can keep using the shampoo.
  • From the 15th day keep washing the area without leaving scabs.
  • From the 15th day you should massage the area frequently as shown, to increase the blood flow on hair transplant area.

Day 4; you may wear a hat but the hat should be wide enough to not to touch the transplanted area.

Day 8; you don’t need to use your neck pillow and lay on your back anymore while sleeping or lying down.

Day 15; you can stop using lotion because there isn’t going to be any scabs but you can keep using the shampoo. Transplanted hair is going to fall out gradually(Shock-loss). This is completely natural and happens to everybody. You don’t need to be afraid. Besides,you should start applying dry masssage techniques which are shown you. After that there will be recommended special vitamines, shampoos and tonics.

Day 15-30; almost all the transplanted hair is going to fall out.

After Hair Transplant Care Month 1 to 12

Month 1-2; you may do activities like sauna, steam room, turkish bath, swimming, sport. You may shave the donor field by electric razor but on transplanted area you can only use scissors for at least 6 months.

Month 3; transplanted hair is going to grow in these days.Grown hair is going to be like a baby’s hair which is thin and weak but then it is going to become same as the original again.

Month 4; hair is going to grow faster.

Month 5; grown hair is going to start to cover the area.

Month 6; you may dye your hair. You may also use protein powder if you are a professional sportsman.

First Year; it changes between people but generally all the transplanted hair is going to be grown by the end of first year. Only the top side takes up to 1.5 years due to the low blood flow.

Do you have any questions? We would like to answer all of your questions. You can contact us for your all questions about hair transplant treatments.

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After Hair Transplant, Treatment and Care Procedures. Day by Day, 1 month to 1 year all information.
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