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Scab Care and Cleaning After Hair Transplant
Scab Care and Cleaning After Hair Transplant

Scab Formation, Cleaning and Care


Scabs After Hair Transplant

Scab formation after hair transplant is a natural and positive reaction of body for healing. It indicates donor area’s revival and wounds’ healing process after hair transplant. It is a preparation phase for hair that is going to grow.

You don’t need to be afraid of scab formation yet it is a positive indicator.

Our experts follow patients, who chose our center for hair transplant, before and after hairtransplant processes via our consultants, inform them about the 1-year process after operation to provide them the best services.

New Hair’s Growth and Course of Proceeding

In first week after the hair transplant, recovery of created holes starts, thus scab formation on the tip of hair is being observed. These scabs should be cleaned in accordance with our experts’washing instructions. After cleaning scabs splitting hair is going to show up. While the process goes on like this at the end of first month shock loss phase begins because new hair starts to settle. There is nothing to worry about. New hair’s complete settling and regrowth happens between 6-12 months. To retrieve healthy hair your hair should be checked by our experts in this process.


Problems like acne, excessive scab formation, black spot, and pore blocking affects hair growth process seriously. Keep in touch with our corporation to consult and to get information. You should come monthly for examination. If you are not able to come you should send your pictures to our consultants monthly and apply the recommended solutions.

We are here to answer all of your questions about hair transplant process. Our experts are ready to share all the technical informations you wonder. Contact us.

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After Hair Transplant Scab Care and Cleaning.
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