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Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant with Sapphire FUE Technique


In hair transplant, material quality and material sorts are increasing with the technologic improvements. These products are used in both extraction and transplant processes. Let’s talk about the hole creating technique with the special sapphire needles which is known as Sapphire FUE.

Firstly, let’s talk about sapphire’s properties. Sapphire is the crystal form of aluminum oxide and one of the subtypes of corundum metal. Sapphire may be found in different colors such as; black, yellow, blue, orange, pink, green according to its iron, titanium and chrome ratio. Sapphire is the hardest mineral after diamond and its hardness degree is 9 mohs. Also it has high temperature endurance.

Hair Transplant Turkey with Sapphire FUE Technique

When person, who is going to have hair transplant, comes to our clinic, we firstly check the transplant area’s tissue quality and their hair quality. Then we determine the hair transplant technique that is going to be applied. After Sapphire FUE is decided as the most proper technique, we take 10cc blood sample at our hospital. Blood test and Hair treatment is done with this blood sample. Person is taken to special sterile room for their hair transplant operation after their test results negative. Our experts determine the optimum hair transplant line. Determined line is shown to person and after their approval local anesthesia process begins. Best local anesthesia way is also chosen according to person. After local anesthesia, Micro FUE process starts with the right needles, which are determined according to hair thickness. In this process every hair follicles is taken one by one. When the hair follicle extraction finishes, there is a break. At the break patient rests and eats. Afterwards, hole creating process begins.

Hole creating process means opening the micro gaps to plant the hair follicles. Before that process, hole opening angle and distribution of hair follicles is calculated again. In this process, special sapphire needles that are produced according to hair follicle thicknesses are used. Sapphire needle’s thickness ranges between 0.7-1.2 mms.

Hair Transplant With Sapphire Needles

Let’s talk about the sapphire needle’s advantages and why it is better to use sapphire needles instead of normal slit or choi pen.

First of all, sapphire deforms very less and it can be sterilized more easily thanks to its high temperature endurance.  Choi pen has a chrome needle and slit has a stainless steel needle. These needles can get deformed more easily than sapphire.

Sapphire needles can’t be broken while creating holes because it is almost hard as a diamond but lateral slit or choi pen needles can be broken.

Sapphire needles are smoother and sharper because they are produced by special cuts. Thus it provides micro cuts without any deformations.

Even if the hair thickness is same, there is a difference between needle thicknesses due to the used method.  Thinnest needle is slit’s and the thickest one is choi pen’s. The moderate one is sapphire.

Even sapphire needle has some structural differences; hair’s growing way is related to operator’s professionalism. Expert determines the best angle considering the hair structure and creates a hole according to hair follicle’s length. If the holes are created in right angle hair will seem natural in the contrary It will seem unnatural. It is not necessary to cut deeper than the hair follicle. In fact, it damages the scalp. Another issue is density in hair transplant operation. If it is done lesser than needed it will not be enough to please the person.

Sapphire Blade and Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Technologies

After finishing the hole creating process with sapphire needles, transfer process begins. It is important to distribute hair by their follicle numbers (1-2-3-4-5). After this step is done professionally, hair transplant operation is done. Person can go to their home or hotel and rest. On the second day there is bandage removal and checking process. On the third day, special washing is started. After these steps, all the processes are same as other transplant methods. Transplanted hair’s growth time changes between people. 

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