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Returning To Daily Routine Life After Hair Transplant

When The Transplanted Hair Grows


The recovery and growing time in hair transplant, beard transplant, eyebrow transplant, wound and burn scar transplants change between people.  The main reason for this is metabolism rate of the person. Sure, there are some other environmental factors.

Appearance problems and scar’s recovery time are the leading disturbances after the hair transplant operation. Hair transplant method can be changed to reduce the problems. For instance; hair transplant without cutting the hair, cutting the hair partially, using crèmes and lotions to support the cellular regeneration. However, sometimes these solutions are not feasible. Situation changes according to donor area’s tissue quality and transplant area’s bigness.

Generally, people can get back to their routine work lives or social lives after 3 days from the hair transplant operation. If their working environment is dusty, they should start after 5 days.

Tissue recovers itself every single day and after the 8thday tissue around the hairs starts falling out. In the meantime, existing and transplanted hair keeps growing and after the 10thday transplanted hair starts falling out. Red color of scalp turns into pink and then it turns back into its normal color.

Generally, transplanted hair falls out on the first month. New hair does not grow approximately until the third month. After these months hair starts to grow every day of hair will be grown after 6-7 months after the operation. All hair grows in 1 year and growth rate increases day by day.

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When Returning To Daily Routine Life After Hair Transplant

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