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Micropigmentation (Microblading) Method
Micropigmentation (Microblading) Method

Micropigmentation Considerations


Micropigmentation (Microblading)

Micropigmentation is a popular topic among people, who want hair transplant, in these days. Generally it is known as hair simulation. Firstly, micropigmentation is not a surgical operation. It is a kind of tattoo which is made by points. 

Micropigmentation can be done by both cutting and without cutting the hair. In either case local anesthesia is implemented on field by cream. Then point pigmentation starts from skin’s top layer epidermis to sub layers by micro needles and special devices. Here, point thickness and hair thickness must be same otherwise appearance is not going to be natural. Another thing is points must be distributed properly according to spaces between hairs. If it is done more than adequate, there will not be a natural appearance or if it is done less than adequate, there will not be enough fullness thus it will not satisfy the person.

Micropigmentation shouldn’t be done on a completely empty area. If the area is empty, hair transplant should be done firstly. Micropigmentation can be done after all the hair is grown. Purposes of the operation are shading the empty parts and provide an artificial fullness. Therefore operation done on empty part is going to provide an unnatural appearance.

In micropigmentation method, pigmentation paints are effective for a while. No matter how successful the operation is, paints are going to fade in time, so operation should repeat every 1-2 years.

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Micropigmentation Process
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