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Mens Hair Loss Reasons and Solutions

Reasons for Hair Loss in Men and Solutions from Experts


Hair is one of the most important factors that affect the physical appearance. Men’s makeup is their hair and beard. Hair quality is significant to have the most desirable hair style. Therefore men are going to look better.

Nowadays there are several reasons for hair loss in men.

Generally there are 2 main reasons for hair loss: genetic and hormonal reasons. On the other hand; due to the people’s social and business life pressures, the stress factor stands out much more. Because of that hair loss could start at 17 in men. Moreover, some men lose their hair at their 20’s.

Let us talk about some popular hair loss reasons.

Genetic Reasons: It is entirely transferred from parents. Even there’s a genetic variation in the family, hair loss genes might be transferred by gene coalescence.

Hormonal Reasons: Some hormone deficiencies or excesses such as; testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, estrogen, cortisol, insulin, thyroid might give rise to hair loss.

Stress: It has so many negative effects on our bodies. It has effects on circulating system, reproductive system, urinary system and neural system. Metabolic stress level increases and creates problem due to the depression on these systems. One of these problems is hair loss.

Nutrition: Hair needs special proteins, vitamins, minerals to stay alive. Almost all of them are taken from outside. Some of them are taken and transformed in our bodies. Malnutrition leads to hair loss.

Seasonal Variations: Especially in summer body loses so much liquid and oil balance in the skin due to the hot weather and sea. That affects hair in a bad way and hair weakens.

Shampoo: It should be herbal. Chemicals that have negative effect on hair must be avoided. Especially shampoos that don’t have silicone, paraben, alcohol should be used. Besides, hair shouldn’t be washed frequently because washing affects the oil level of scalp and hair.

Chemicals being used for hair: The most dangerous thing to do is using these tonics to strengthen the hair. These products force the hair and cause hair losses. Also; using powders to have a more intense appearance, hair dyes, hair gels, waxes, and hair sprays may seriously harm the scalp and hair structure.

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