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How Are Hair Transplant Prices Determined

Points To Take into Consideration While Determining The Hair Transplant Price


Prices in hair transplant operations or hair care systems change according to foundations as you can notice. Sometimes the difference between two companies is not much but sometimes it is so much. The difference may be originating from operation systems.

Let's explain the main reasons; 

Hair Transplant Prices and Treatment Method

First of all, let's talk about the differences between treatment methods. There are two main reasons for differences. First reason arises from used materials during the operation. Second reason is application method of treatment. Materials like special forceps, needle holders, special needles, punches and choi pen may cause differences on price according to their qualities. These materials might be chrome, stainless steel, sapphire and titanium.

Time and workmanship are the determining factors of application method of treatment. For instance, supported and unsupported hair transplant

Even if the materials and methods are the same, price may not be same. This difference arises from hair transplant center's and its staff's professionalism and experience. These fundamental differences determine the operation quality.

Hair Transplant Prices and Professionalism

Even the materials that are used in the hair transplant operation are best quality, without a professional staff hair follicles may be deformed or transplanted hair may not grow properly. If the angle, direction or distribution of holes are not done properly, outcome will not be enough to satisfy the person. After the operation, person should be followed with the same professionalism. Hair transplant operation takes 1 day but transplanted hair grows in 1 year. Therefore post-operative followings and supports are crucial. Additional supplies and detailed explanations should be given if it is necessary.

Hüseyin KAYA, Hair Transplant Expert

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