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Hair Transplantation Treatments and Smoking

Hair Transplant Applications and Smoking


Hair Transplant and Smoking

Smoking is one of the biggest threats to personal and environmental health. Although the damages are clear enough, people are still smoking. Cigarette includes approximately 4000 chemical substances. These are the major harmful substances: acetone, cyanide, arsenic, butane gas, methanol, cadmium, naphtalene, ammoniac, nicotine, DDT, aromatic hydrocarbons, carbonyl sulphide, aromaticamines, aromatic aldehydes, benzene, aromaticamine nitrous, toluen, phenol, carbondioxide, formic acid, nitrogenoxide. These chemical substances are taken by respiratory system then mixed with blood. Afterwards, they damage various areas.

It has negative effect on respiratory, circulatory, neural, musculoskeletal, breeding, excretory systems.

Smoking after a hair transplant

Humans gain their daily energies by doing aerobic respiration. They need oxygen to convert the chemical energy in the foods to kinetic energy. Smoking reduces the oxygen level in blood and increases the carbondioxide level. Thus cells get less energy to stay alive and cellular metabolism does not work in full capacity.

Hair Transplant is a small surgical operation. Although there are a number of things that affect the success rate; there are 2 main reasons originated from smoking. First of all, smoking lowers the oxygen level in blood and affects the cellular metabolism. Secondly, damages the blood vessels which feed hair. Both transplanted and natural hair can’t get enough energy. Therefore, transplanted area needs more time to recover and success rate decreases. Besides these, smoking causes normal hair to fall out.

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After Hair Transplant Treatment and Smoking

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