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Hair Transplant Without Shaving

How to Unshaved Hair Transplantation in Turkey


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Nowadays; people, who have had or going to have hair transplant, feel uncomfortable due to the appearance they get after the operation. They need to arrange a special time for that operation because of their business or social environments. They don’t want to be seen in those conditions. Therefore, some people do not want to have hair transplant just because of this reason. Hair transplantation without shaving practices shines out to solve these problems.

Hair transplant without shaving is basically a Micro FUE Hair Transplant operation. The difference is hair transplant gets done without shaving the hair. Hair needs to be at a certain length to make the operation less noticeable. If the hair follicles are taken from the short hair area, the remaining hair should cover the donor area. Same situation occurs at transplant area. Transplanted hair should cover the transplant area. Otherwise, the extracted and the transplanted areas become noticeable. The longer the hair, the more hair follicles can be extracted from the nape without becoming noticeable.

How to hair transplant without shaving?

If the donor area hair is at enough length, hair gets cut in the form of 1 cm thick strips. These 1 cm thick strips are planned to be 3-4 strips. The purpose is to increase the area and not making the donor area noticeable. Therefore with the balanced extraction there is no risk of areal emptiness. According to demanded number, after the second day of the operation people can start to live their routine lives again without being noticed. The necessary care and hair washing techniques must be applied surely. The same situation occurs at donor area too. If the transplant operation is done right and balanced, after the second day person can get back to their routine life without being noticed.

In this hair transplant method, the recovery and growing processes are similar to others but this one is faster.

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