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Hair Transplant Using Body Hair

Hair Transplant Using Body Hair Information


Hair Transplant Using Body Hair

Hair, beard and eyebrows are the most important factors that affect physical appearance. Hair transplant is transferring hair follicles from more intense areas to less by micro surgical operations.

There are so many factors affecting the success rate in hair transplant. The most important factor is quality of hair follicles. Quality of hair follicle changes according to person’s genetic constitution. It even varies on body too. The success rate and consistency change according to hair follicles on body.

Hair Transplant Using Nape Hair

Nape hair follicles are stronger both genetically and hormonally. Nape is the best place to determine as a donor area. These hair follicles do not fall out. Besides that, these hair follicles are formed in groups (2, 3, 4, and 5). Thus, more than one hair grows from only one graft.

Hair Transplant Using Beard

Beard is the second-best area for hair transplant. There are some negative effects that show up after the operation. First of all, these hair follicles are not formed in groups. There will be spaces on the beard. Also, operation leaves a minimal trace. It is not preferred for hair transplant unless there is no other option.

Hair Transplant Using Chest Hair

Chest is the third-best area for hair transplant. Chest hair’s quality changes from person to person. Operation leaves a minimal trace again. Follicles are low-quality. It is not preferred for hair transplant unless there is no other option. There are 3 possible outcomes after the operation:

  1. Follicles do not fall out
  2. Follicles fall out after a few years.
  3. Follicles fall out and grow periodically.

Hair Transplant Using Shoulder, Back, Arm, Leg and Armpit Hair

These hair follicles are the genetically weakest ones. Operation leaves a minimal trace on skin. These follicles are weaker and thinner than normal hair. They generally fall out after a short while. They are not preferred for hair transplant.

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