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Hair Transplant in Summer

How is hair transplant operation done in summer?


Hairtransplant can be done in every season. If everything is done right, success rate will not change according to seasons. People who are going to have hair, eyebrow or moustache transplantations, wants to choose dates that will not affect their social or business lives. Some people do not want to be seen in that situation or some people want to choose the date on their annual leaves for an issueless operation process. Summer is the best choice in these conditions.

Turkey is not extremely hot in summer months. Places like Dubai have extraordinary high temperatures due to desert climate. Hair transplants are being done in these places and successful outcomes are being achieved. There are procedures to follow too.

Besides hair transplant, while sunbathing we can get sunburns. In these circumstances skin’s healing process starts.

Recovery of scalp after hair transplantation takes time. Scalp must not take direct sunlight for a long time, especially on this healing process. It extends the time of color pigment’s recovery and healing of wounds on scalp.

A certain type of hat is used after the 5thday of hair transplant. Therefore before the 5thday direct sunlight must be avoided. Afterwards there will be a hat to protect the scalp. Nevertheless on the first month you shouldn’t spend long times under the sunlight.

Another important factor is: body loses minerals and liquids due to sweating on summer months. It affects hair development and tissue recovery. The solution is so easy. Food supplement and proper liquid obtainment solves the problems.

If the procedures above are followed there will not be any change in success rate.

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