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Hair Transplant for Women

Surgical Hair Transplant for Women


How to do hair transplantation in women

Normally, because of the genetic reasons hair loss is not seen in women. Due to the hair’s normal life cycle it falls out at certain amounts. However, if this condition exceeds the normal numbers that means it requires urgent intervention. Otherwise, process incrementally continues. On the first days it seems less but in the upcoming days it increases quite much.

Therefore, visible spaces and weaknesses between strands will occur. There are some reasons for spaces and weaknesses:

  • Iron and zinc deficiencies
  • Genetic reasons
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Pregnancy, birth and postnatal processes
  • Hormonal instabilities
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Period of menopause
  • Permanently used medicines
  • Cosmetic reasons
  • Stress and irregular eating habits


At first these factors do not seem like reasons for hair loss but after metabolic reactions they become the reasons for hair losses and weaknesses. In such circumstances, getting rid of the triggering factors should be the first step. The next step is applying hair supplying treatments such as hair treatment or hair mesotherapy. It should not be forgotten that hair treatment and hair mesotherapy will affect the existing hair. Hair, which has fallen out before, will not grow after these treatments. If the follicle is not entirely lost there is a little chance for it to grow again after the treatments. As we mentioned before, starting the treatment as early as possible is so important for hair losses. If the person has ignored it and has so big empty areas the hair transplant is necessary.

Hair transplant is applied by same methods in both women and men. In some cases, women’s hair falls out too much and it might create some serious spaces. In these cases, hair might need to get cut completely. However, 90 percent of hair transplant operations in women is applied by partially or without cutting the hair. Because, we do not want to make their hair transplant operation obvious. Thus they can live their routine life more comfortable and happier. It should not be forgotten that hair transplant techniques such as FUE Hair Transplant, (micro FUE, sapphire FUE etc), DHI Hair Transplant do not differentiate in women or men. It only differentiates in needy areas. The true method should be applied on needy area. 

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