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Hair Transplant for Thin Hair and Hair Densification

Thin Hair And Enhancing Density Hair Transplant


Thin Hair and Hair Densification

From past to present both men and women’s hair falls out in every 4-5 months and then new hair grows out again. However, some negative effects break down the normal cycle of hair and deform the hair follicles and consequently permanent fall outs occur. There are some certain things causing this. Shortly these reasons are genetic factors, hormonal factors and environmental factors. These reasons vary in themselves. Reasons may show affect at the same time. Firstly hair’s characteristic structure breaks down.

Therefore hair looks thinner, weaker and its growth time changes. The problem will be solved with the early treatment if mesotherapy is done or specific vitamin supplies are taken but if these treatments are not applied, hair density will continue to decrease. It may occur as partial, areal or complete. Partial losses do not disturb the people quite much but mostly people are not able to dress their hair as they wanted to and they become unhappy. People, whose hair grew thinly after hair transplant, are another example for this case. In either case, total density of hair is increased by hair transplant operation.

Hair Transplant For Thin Hair in Turkey

There are some points to consider while increasing the density of thin hair. First of all, existing hair should not be damaged. The key part is investigating the hair carefully and choosing the transplant areas meticulously. If there is enough space for hair transplant between two strands, transplant should be applied; otherwise, original hair gets damaged and falls out. If transplant operation gets done less than enough, existing space will not be covered completely.  As you can see it is a simple operation but requires attention.

Secondly, weakened hair should be protected by supply treatments besides the transplant operation on the spaces. They may fall out in the future and hair transplant may become necessary. Therefore protecting the original hair is significant.

People who are going to have densification do not need so many hair follicles for transfer and they do not want to reveal their transplant operation to their social and business environments. In such circumstances, hair transplant operation gets done by areal cut or without cutting the hair. Sure, the proper hair transplant techniques should be applied on needy area.

That kind of hair transplant method’s operation process or post-operative growing process does not vary. Existing hair continues to grow. However, transplanted hair falls out in the first month. Nearly 3-3.5 months later it starts to grow again. After 6-7 months of transplanted hair grows. Hair growth from all of the hair follicles takes 1 year. Moreover it takes a little bit more on some people. There are supply treatments to increase the speed of metabolism.  Consequently, it varies according to person’s metabolism speed.

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