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Hair Transplant for Diabetic Patients

Can a Diabetic Have a Successful Hair Transplant


Hair Transplant and Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases but very few people know that they have diabetes. Generally it does not show itself quite clearly. After the disease has been detected, eating habits should be proper and if necessary medicines should be used.  Normally blood sugar should be 70-100 mg/dl but when the insulin hormone does not work properly diabetes occurs.  

There are 2 main types of diabetes.

Type 1; insulin hormone is produced by pancreas. Blood sugar can not be controlled if insulin is not enough or not even produced and diabetes occurs.

Type 2; insulin production is enough by pancreas but cells put up resistance. Therefore insulin can not affect enough and diabetes occurs.

Diabetes has more than one negative effect. Let us mention the effects on hair transplantation;

Vessel stiffness; when insulin gets higher than enough in blood, it affects the smooth muscles in vessels and makes them bigger. Then vessels lose their flexibility and circulation problems show up. Transplanted hair can not get enough food and recovery time gets longer because of circulation problems.

Skin dryness and itchiness; body will want to get rid of sugar when there is more than enough sugar in blood. It chooses the urinary system. Kidneys will work more and body will lose so much water and electrolytes. It will cause dryness, itchiness, low resistance against the bacteria if the lacking water and electrolytes are not taken back. Wounds will heal later and transplanted grafts will not be fed properly.

In either case if the true treatment and diet schedule is followed; diabetic patients, who does not have a sugar level higher than a certain point, will have successful outcomes from hair transplant

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Hair Transplant Procedures for Diabetic Patients

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