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Hair Loss in Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy

Causes of hair weakening in pregnancy and post pregnancy periods


Pregnancy and Hair Loss

In the first months of pregnancy hair gets thicker than normal. Main reason for that is increase in oestrogen level. Although, hair does not get thicker whenever the oestrogen level increases. There are more than one factors. It is known that some women’s hair gets thinner and weaker in pregnancy and post pregnancy periods. This situation is generally temporary but sometimes it causes some permanent damages.

Why does the hair fall out in pregnancy and post pregnancy periods? What should be done?

Main reasons are eating habits, having sicknesses in pregnancy, anatomical changes, hormonal changes, genetic factors, psychological changes. Due to these reasons, hair gets weaker and it falls out in time.

Adequate and balanced nutrition is crucial for both mother and baby in pregnancy and post pregnancy periods. In these periods; needed specific proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals should be consumed. Liquid consumption should not be neglected because it is very important for the metabolism. When these foods and drinks are not taken sufficiently, hair starts to get dryer, split and fall out.

Some metabolic changes are observed during the pregnancy. First of all, oestrogen level increases. This rise provides benefit to hair but after pregnancy it decreases sharply and affects the hair negatively.

Female body has a natural resistance system against the hair loss. However; as soon as the pregnancy starts, changes in body may suppress this resistance system. Therefore, hair losses may occur. If person’s mother had it too, they should be more careful.

Hair Before and After the Pregnancy

Medicines that are used before the pregnancy, during the pregnancy or after the pregnancy might also cause hair loss. Medicines, which are used for thyroid problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fungal infections on hair, gestational diabetes, hypertension, depression, may also cause hair loss.

During this period, some people use hair strengthening chemicals. However, these chemicals may become harmful for both mother and child. That sort of chemicals must not be used.

Support should be received from the experts in their fields and natural supportive treatments should be preferred for both mother’s and baby’s health.

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