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What is Bond Cloning? Hair Cloning? What is Hair Cloning?


Hair Cloning

You have probably heard the cloning in many fields. Hair Cloning is simply a visual concept. The aim is getting the same tissues at cellular level.

That sort of cloning works goes back to the beginning of the 19th century. However, as you know the first successful cloning is Dolly the sheep in 1997. Even it seems successful, clone sheep couldn’t live long. This is one of the most important issues in cloning. The cellular division after it has started. Then uncontrolled cellular division leads to cancer.

Therefore, the success rate of cloning is very low. Besides low success rate, bioethics issues also cause trouble. Even though all the problems are solved.

It is not developed enough in modern hair transplantation. With this method, the most important 2 problems will go away. First one is donor area insufficiency. Sometimes, hair follicles are not enough to cover the area. This problem will go away. Second one is; in some cases, hair follicles. That problem will also go away by hair cloning. In hair cloning, a couple of hair follicles follow a procedure and get multiplied. Multiplied hair follicles should be preserved in a convenient environment for sure. Therefore, the person will get just enough to cover the areas. Once again gathered hair will be planted by experts at sterile hospital environment.

As we mentioned above, unfortunately we haven’t succeeded yet. Experimental studies are continuing.

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