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Front Hairline Design in Hair Transplant Process

How should the front hairline and distribution of hair be?


Hair frontline and distribution of hair follicles have a great effect on success in hair transplant and natural appearance. Even all the procedures are done perfectly and all the hair is grown after the transplant operation; an unnatural appearance on the frontline would ruin everything. Person has to live with that unpleasant appearance and unfortunately there is no turning back from that point. To avoid that, there are a few things to consider.

Let’s explain some critical points;

Gender of Person: Men have a curvier frontline than women. Therefore, it would not be right to apply the same procedures.

Age of person: Every person’s frontline changes in time. There is a gradual regression. For example, if a hair transplant operation is done to a 40 years old person based on a 17 years old person’s frontline, there is sure to be an unnatural appearance. Determining a frontline according to person’s hair would give more healthy results and a natural appearance.

Forehead muscle structure: It is the most important thing to consider while creating the forehead line. Mimics are used for expressing ourselves while talking. Therefore, mimics affect the forehead muscle structure in time. Muscle is a developing organ so forehead muscle tissues can move to hairy areas in time. Hair transplant shouldn’t be done on forehead muscle area. It should be taken into consideration while determining the hairline otherwise, an unnatural appearance occurs while using the mimics because hair would move with the muscles.

Face Lines of person: Person’s frontline should create golden proportion with the forehead width, eyebrows, cheeks and nose.

Distribution of transplanted hair: Most of the people have an unnatural appearance after operation because people, who did the operation, pay attention to person’s forehead muscle structure, age, face line, gender but not to a proper distribution. Frontline shouldn’t be completely straight and shouldn’t look like it has been drawn with a pen. Frontline should be created by milimetric zigzags for a natural appearance. Besides, a gradual transition should be done by transplanting single grafts to first 2-3 lines.

Number of hair follicles that is going to be transplanted: As we mentioned before, in some cases number of hair follicles is not enough to cover the whole area. These people have a really big open area or a limited amount of grafts can be taken from the donor area. While determining the forehead line it should be located on an upper area in these cases. Thus the transplant area gets narrower due to the limited number of hair follicles. Therefore, instead of a thin appearance we get an intense and a natural one.

Hair transplant operation seems like an easy one but as you can see there are so many effects even while determining the hair line. These criteria should be investigated and applied professionally. 

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Front Hairline and Front Hairline Designs by Hair Transplant Centers in Turkey

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