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From Past to Present Hair Transplant Techniques

Rise of FUE Hair Transplant Method and Its Use in Hair Transplant Applications


First known hair transplant operation implemented in 1822 in Germany by a doctor and his student. They tried to transfer the tissue to requested area. In 1939, a Japanese dermatologist Okuda, did hair transplantation on burnt fields and scars. In 1952, Dr. Norman Orentreich did a hair transplantation on a patient with alopecia.

Hair Transplant Techniques and Methods

From 1950 to 2000s FUT(Follicular Unit Technique)  was very popular and the taken tissue was very big. Some of the follicles were not useful thus person was losing tissue and a scar was remaining.

Besides due to the taken tissue patient was having a sensation loss in that field. Gaps were not completely being filled because of the insufficient hair follicles. Owing to this situation the image was unnatural. Nevertheless, it was being used by Hair Transplant Clinics because there wasn’t any other method.

Professional Hair Transplant Centers and Improvement Process

Hair Transplantation Treatment continued improving with the revolutionary DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique in 2001.

This transplantation method known as DHI or CHOI. Basically, hair follicles are taken, manually or with the help of a motor, with a tissue by special needles(1-1.1-1.2-1.3 mm). There are disadvantages of DHI: Needles are so thin, that means longer operations and more sessions. Consequently the operation was being divided to 2 or 3 sessions depending on the transplantation area, sufficiency of the donor field and tissue quality. The operation was taking too long and follicles were getting deformed if it was tried to be finished at 1 session. Then follicles were getting less and were being lost for nothing.

Hair Transplant Companies and New Technological Pursuits

In 2006 with the new developments in micro motor technologies FUE Hair Transplant Technique has become much more popular. The micro-needles’(punch) ,which used for extracting hair follicles, thicknesses were ranging between 0.9 - 1 mm.

In the upcoming years it got thinner and based on hair thickness and the punches became 0.6-0.7-0.8 mm. Owing to thickness of punch FUE Technique avoided leaving scars and accomplished more natural images.

FUE Technique’s one other advantage is operations are shorter. On account of shortness, hair follicles are not getting deformed while they are being transferred.

Hair transplant is a progressing field as it can be understood from our article. Hair transplantation is directly proportional to the technological improvements. You should look for a professional service while choosing your transplant center.

Istanbul Hair Center is a hair transplant center, which has completed over 21.000 operations in 20 years, and has been granted an award which is Best and Most Reliable Hair Transplant Center by its clients.

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Hair Transplant Methods and Fue Hair Transplant Treatment According to Chronological Order.

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