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False Facts About Hair Transplant
False Facts About Hair Transplant

False Facts About Hair Transplant Treatment


People thinking hair transplant are doing researches about hair transplant or discussing the issues with their friends but there are so many false facts about hair transplant. We have compiled and explained some of them.

Hair transplant can’t be applied in the summer months: This one is one of the most popular. This is heard so much because of companies’ customer representatives or just because people that had or didn’t have hair transplant inform others wrongly.  Actually, it is only a myth.

After hair transplant growing hair is going to fall out: The most important factor in this case is professionalism of the operator. Hair follicles should be taken from donor area’s specific part that does not have hair loss risk. Therefore; hair, which is taken from right area and planted right, does not fall out.

After hair transplant hair looks unnatural: Hair transplant requires professionalism even though the procedure is simple. Expert chooses the correct hole creation method, correct hole depth and most importantly chooses correct hole angle. Thus growing hair looks natural.

Only men can have hair transplant: If there are no extreme conditions, men or women, who are older than 20, can have hair transplant.

People, who are older than a specific age, can’t have hair transplant: There is no upper age limit for hair transplant. The only problem here is health conditions. If health conditions are normal, nothing poses an obstacle.

Success rate of hair transplant is higher in young people: Success rate depends on person’s metabolic rate. If the metabolic rate is high the growing will be fast and qualified.

All hair gets cut before hair transplant: It can be done by cutting the whole area, cutting partially or not cutting; according to quality and size of donor area.

Transplant can be done by using another person’s hair: People think this way, because of organ transplantation. It is a correct way of thinking in some aspects. However, success rate of hair follicle transfer in identical twins is even low.

Hair transplant is a painful operation: Generally local anesthesia is implemented in hair transplant. Patient does not feel any pain during transplantation. Patient only feels a temporary pain during the local anesthesia for 1 or 2 minutes.

Hair transplant immediately gives result: Hair transplant gives the complete result after 1 year. First growth changes according to metabolic rate. Generally from the third month hair starts to grow.

Hair cloning is being used in hair transplant: Cloning method has not been active yet. Experiments are still continuing.

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