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Effects of Doing Sports on Hair Health

Prevent Hair Loss with Regular Exercises


Most of the people over the world don’t do sports regularly. Generally, we can’t spare time for sports because of our business and social lives. Even traffic takes our vast amount of time. However; sparing time for sport is crucial in our lives even though there is little time. We should do sports according to our physical capacity and our age otherwise it might become harmful.

Doing sports has some direct and indirect positive effects on our bodies. It increases oxygen capacity of body. Thus, blood carries more oxygen. Oxygen has a vital role in metabolic reactions. By this way, metabolic rate increases, organs start to become more active. Therefore, hair follicles will be more alive and stronger.

The importance of hair transplantation and sports

We sweat some certain toxins out of our bodies. Although, doing sports more than needed may cause so much water and mineral losses. Little pores on our bodies are cleaned by sweating too and it renews the skin around the hair roots. Hair is clung directly to the scalp and fed from there. Therefore, healthier the skin gets; stronger the hair becomes.

It is known that stress has negative effect on hair health. Doing sports increases the level of serotonin hormone, which is happiness hormone, in blood. This hormone keeps stress away from the body and helps the person to live a happier life. Thus, negative effects on hair will be removed and hair will get healthier.

Turkey's best hair transplant center of istanbul hair center experts warn; Doing sports is so important for your both hair and body health. Some chemical products and hormone supplements that support sportive activities, damage our body health and that makes hair weaker. It may cause some hair losses too. These products should not be used unconsciously. If they are going to be used, they should be used under expert supervision.

Hüseyin Kaya, Hair Transplant Expert

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You can prevent hair loss by doing regular exercise.

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