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Biofiber Hair Transplant Method
Biofiber Hair Transplant Method

Biofiber Hair Transplant Method



There are several hair transplant methods but two of them stand out:

- Organic Hair Transplant (FUT,DHI,FUE)

- Inorganic Hair Transplant (Biofiber)

Organic hair transplant methods are popular on both social media and communication channels. These methods’ qualities change due to patient’s condition and clinic’s success rates. Now let’s talk about the unpopular inorganic hair transplant technique: Biofiber (synthetic hair transplant). Again there is a small surgical operation. Therefore it should be done at qualified hospitals by experts in their fields.

In Biofiber hair transplant method; synthetic fiber is used because it looks like normal hair. This material does not get taller or shorter because it is not alive. Generally the length ranges between 10-50 cms. An allergy test should be done because the material is synthetic. If there is an allergy risk it must not be applied. These synthetic fibers are planted in the scalp and knotted for immobilization. Plantation happens one by one. Negative sides or inadequacies of this method are;

Transplant can‘t be frequent because, it takes so much time and the immobilization is different than others.

  • Deformation might happen due to high temperatures.
  • It can’t be applied on thin parts of scalp.
  • There is an infection risk because the material is synthetic.
  • If an infection occurs it might damage the original hair.
  • Hair shaper chemicals might cause deformation.
  • Style change is restricted because hair does not get taller or shorter.
  • When you want to apply organic hair transplant, it harms the synthetic ones.
  • Sometimes, tissue does not take the synthetic fibers.

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Inorganic hair transplantation (Biofibre)
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