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All the details about the hair transplantation and process
All the details about the hair transplantation and process

How does hair transplantation begin and go on?


How does the process proceed?

What happens in the first day?

We welcome our patients according to our schedules to present the best service to our patients. We avoid wasting time and then an efficient hair transplantation process begins on account of our professionally prepared schedule.

Operations will have been done at the end of first day are listed down below.

  • We host our patients who are going to have hair transplantation.
  • The lacking fields will be determined again by analyzing patients’ hair structure.
  • According to obtained informations and our patients’ requests, operation is explained by our expert.
  • Answer our patients’ questions and cut their hair for transplantation.(completely,areal or none)
  • After this stage patients’ are taken to our hospital by our vehicle.

Hospital Stages

At hospital our experts are waiting readily. Firstly we take a blood sample from our patient; wtih the blood sample we do blood analysis and prepare the Hair treatment which will be implemented after the operation. After the blood analysis we apply local anesthesia to the field where the hair follicules will be taken. Therefore our patient doesn’t feel any pain during the operation. According to our patients’ hair thickness we determine a needle and extract the hair follicules by Micro FUE Technique. Extracted hair follicules are preserved in a liquid till the transplantation stage. After this stage we serve food to our patient and give time for rest.

Hair Transplantation Operations

In the next stage we explain again the area, angle and density and receive approval again. After the approval local anesthesia is applied again to the transplantation area and by the special needles we create holes. The most important case is creation angle,depth and frequency, thus the grown hair looks natural.

Day 2, Removing Bandage and Checking

We remove our patients’ bandages and our experts check the area. We relief our patient by chatting with them about their motivation and psychology. At last we inform our patients and answer their questions. 

Day 3, Special Washing

Our patients’ going better situation reflects on their hair and ready for the first washing session. Our experts wash the transplantation area with special shampoos and lotions. Due to washing’s importance, our experts inform the patient about the process. Washing continues by patients for 15 days.

After hair transplantation healing process,

Day 15, Shock Loss

It is seen that hair starts losing after 15 days. This stage called shock loss. Hair loses until the 30th day.

3rd Month and After

After the 3rd month hair starts growing step by step. Increases month by month. p of growing is completed in 7th month. It ends in one year.(It changes between people)

As you can see we explained the details of hair transplantation and the process. Contact us to live and learn the whole process with professionals at our hair transplantation center istanbul.

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