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26 Things To Take Into Consideration After Hair Transplant

After Hair Transplant Nutrition, Care and Healing Process


People, who want to have a hair transplant operation, firstly investigate the success rates of foundations. Consequently the most effective thing on success rate is professionalism of staff. However; even if the staff does everything right, there are some points to take into consideration after hair transplant operation. If these points get ignored success rate will decrease. These points are important in other transplant operations too.

  1. Rest and sleep positions are important on first 3 days after hair transplant operation. Person’s head should be at slightly higher than normal. Therefore the liquids that are given during the operation will not spread into forehead.
  2. After the operation people should lie on their backs and a supportive material (neck pillow or towel) should be put at nape and neck until the 8thday. Thus transplanted follicles will not be able to move.
  3. First 15 days after hair transplant operation, too oily and salty foods should be avoided. Especially, red fruits should be eaten.
  4. First week after hair transplant operation, at least 2.5 liters of water should be drunk per day. It will remove the medicines and oedema from the body.
  5. Medicines that are given after the operation should be used according to prescription.
  6. There might be itchiness on forehead or transplant area. If this area gets scratched, transplanted follicles may dislocate or area may get pimples.  In these cases, you should use itch relieving sprays that we gave you.
  7. Clothing style is another thing to consider. Especially on the first 7 days shirts or sportswear with zips should be preferred.
  8. After the 4thday you may wear hat but the hat should not be so tight.
  9. First 5 days person should not be in a dusty or dirty place. Because these kind of fields might trigger infection.
  10. Alcohol should not be consumed on the first 7 days after operation. It will block the effects of the medicines and give rise to bleeding risk.
  11. You should go to the foundation on the first day after the operation to remove the bandages. However the main reason is checking the transplant area.
  12. You may take shower on the first day after the operation but water must not touch the transplant area. Warm water should be preferred.
  13. On the first day after the operation you should rest. Sitting and walking poses a risk for an oedema.
  14. On the second day after the operation you should go to the foundation for special washing. Afterwards, you should do the same washing for 14 days.
  15. You should not stay under the sun for a long time. Because the scalp is recovering and pigmentation will be affected in a negative way.
  16. After 8 days from the operation you can lie as you wish.
  17. On the first 15 days after the operation, hair should exuviate.
  18. After 15 days you should start massaging the area as we showed you to increase the blood circulation. On hair circular motions are proper but for moustache and eyebrows, massaging way should not be against the growing way.
  19. You can use your shampoo, lotion and special vitamins after 15 days if you need.
  20. You should not go to Turkish bath, steam room and you should not swim for 30 days.
  21. First 30 days you should not do rough sports. From the 20thday you should start brisk walking first and increase it step by step.
  22. You should avoid protein powders and steroids for first 6 months after hair transplant operation.
  23. You can use hair dryer but it should not be used on hot mode.
  24. You should not use electric razor for 1 month. For transplant area you should not use it for 6 months but you can cut it from the 16th day with a scissors.
  25. You should protect your head from serious impacts for 6 months.
  26. If you want to dye your hair you should wait for 6 months. Besides, you should not use dyes with chemical ingredients to protect the original hair and transplanted hair.

As you can see there are several things affecting the success rate of the operation. Even if they seem simple and unimportant you should be careful about them. If you have any questions you can consult our foundation whenever you want.

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