dental veneers

Dental Veneers

Dental Veeners Dental veneers in Turkey can offer a cost-effective solution for teeth degradation. Below, you’ll find comprehensive information about this popular procedure and what to expect during your medical journey for veneers in Istanbul. The Medical Journey at a Glance While the cost of […]


  Nowadays, most people who perform or consider hair transplantation are uncomfortable with post-operative images. They have to arrange a very special time period for themselves to do this procedure due to their social and business environment. Because they do not want people to see […]


With the development of technology, the quality and types of materials used in hair transplantation procedures are increasing. These products are used both in the process of harvesting hair follicles, in the canal process (micro sacs where the follicles will be placed), and during the […]

Prp Mesotherapy

In our age, personal care is of great importance for both men and women. Every person wants to look beautiful. It is necessary to apply the right and regular care to our hair, which has the biggest impact on our appearance. Today, hair transplantation centers […]


  From past to present, everyone’s hair, regardless of male and female, falls out one by one in certain cycles of 4 – 5 months and then new hair grows. However, due to some negative factors, the normal cycle of the hair is disrupted and […]