“We have been understanding you for 22 years”

In the 2000s, Istanbul Hair Center initiated its activities in order to prevent all the problems caused by hair loss and to increase the quality of life of people. It has become a leader Hair Transplant Center in Turkey with a modern basis and an innovative service understanding.

Thanks to our fast-growing system, first of all Professional Hair Transplant applications then;

55,000+ Happy Patients

Doing our best has never been enough for us .Doing the best and being in the process of continuous improvement has always defined us better. At least that’s how thousands of our patients define us.

Our patients, who have experienced the professional service quality , have always supported us in this process, and with its multiplier effects, we have successfully performed thousands of operations.


Istanbul Hair Transplant

Latest Technological Applications

We have worked hard to provide the best service and to find permanent solutions to thousands of our male and female patients. We have worked long hours with full-capacity hospitals using the most modern technologies and doctors who are experts in their fields, and we have come a long way.

We have ensured that the newest technologies used in the USA, Europe and the World are also used in our country. In this way, we encouraged patients who are considering going abroad . In addition, we added positive values ​​to the Country’s Economy by providing services to thousands of patients coming from abroad with Health Tourism.